Digital Hearing Care

Hearing Tests and Expert Care

As we get older there is a natural decline in our hearing. This is perfectly normal but we can do something about it.  This is the reason we launched our hearing service.

To be able to see and hear well makes life so much more enjoyable and we get the opportunity to help you do both.

Our service

Wax Removal

Sometimes this is all that is required to return your hearing to its full potential. 

We offer wax removal by microsuction for a safe and easy solution.

Full Hearing Assessment

This allows us to map your hearing in real life everyday situations and give you the best advice.

Digital Hearing Aids

We have a full range of the latest technology in Digital Hearing Aids.  I was particularly interested in how hearing aids can link with mobile technology.  Did you know that your hearing aid can simultaneously translate foreign languages!  So when you are on holiday someone can speak in their native language and you will hear it in English.  I want one of those!

Tinnitus Management

With the use of a hearing aid we can help you manage tinnitus.

Make an Appointment

For advice or to book your appointment, contact either Bangor or Newtownards and we will get you sorted.

What our clients say

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Whether it’s an eye test, a contact lens trial, new glasses or a question that you would like answered our team of experts are on hand ready to listen. We will ensure you are delighted with the result, contact us to make your appointment today!