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Free Eye Examinations

We love the job we do and the difference we can make and in many ways being able to provide the best possible care for children is the best bit.

With 4 Optometrists and 2 Dispensing Opticians working between the two practices we can offer you the expertise to ensure your children get unparalleled care. But we also need to make it fun and a great experience for our young patrons.

Free Spectacles for Children

We have hand chosen our childrens range and constantly refresh it with the latest fashion from the best suppliers around the world.  Children are entitled to an NHS voucher towards the cost of their spectacles and we have a huge range which are completely free of charge with this voucher.

Free Lenses for Children

Once again under the NHS voucher we can supply Children's spectalce lenses completely free of charge.  One upgrade you might want to consider and the one that we would recommend above everything else is to use Zeiss UvProtect lenses in all Children's spectacles.  These unfortunately are not covered by the standard NHS voucher but are available for a small top up.  The reason we recommend these lenses is simply.  80% of all damaging UV ocular exposure happens before the age of 18.  Our Zeiss UvProtect is the only clear lens in the world whcih provides 100% protection against UV radiation.    

Visual Stress

Sometimes for children reading can be difficult with words or letters jumbling up or appearing to swim about. This is a condition commonly referred to as Visual Stress.  For a number of years we have been providing an assessment for Visual Stress using a computer based programme developed by Professor Thompson of City University London. Specific coloured overlays or glasses can help reading become more fluent and comfortable which in turn can boost a child’s confidence and improve their performance at school.  If you have any questions about Visual Stress we would be delighted to help.

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Whether it’s an eye test, a contact lens trial, new glasses or a question that you would like answered our team of experts are on hand ready to listen. We will ensure you are delighted with the result, contact us to make your appointment today!