Contact Lenses

Comfortable Contact Lenses and Expert Care

Contact lenses are a fantastic.  The right choice can provide great vision and wonderful comfort and it’s our job to tailor the right lens, wearing schedule and replacement programme to suit you and ensure the continued health of your eyes. 

Now just about anyone can wear lenses and we would love to show you how they would fit into your lifestyle.  Why not put this to the test with a free 5 day contact lens experience.  We can give you everything you need to test drive contact lenses and see how they would fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Contact lenses are great and to ensure your continued enjoyment you need a comprehensive aftercare package.  This is why we developed our "Best Vision Programme" and it is your key to successful contact lens wear. 

When you join the BVP you get access to

1. Unlimited aftercares

2. Discount on your contact lenses

3. Discount on your spectacles

4. A full eye examination every 12 months. 

We also have our BVP+ scheme whcih gives you even more discount but most importantly an OCT scan every 12 months as well. 

For me, as a contact lens optician with over 30 years experience, the only way to wear contact lenses successfully is with the benefit and assurance of a comprehensive aftercare package.  Don't wear contact lenses without joining our BVP scheme.

Whether it’s an eye test, a contact lens trial, new glasses or a question that you would like answered our team of experts are on hand ready to listen. We will ensure you are delighted with the result, contact us to make your appointment today!